welcome to naturally bgone

Bgone's humble beginnings were the result of years of trial and error with various products, desperately seeking one that worked like it claimed. After countless product tests, the founder of Bgone decided, "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!". And hence, Bgone was born.
We set out to investigate alternative options, and were thrilled to realise there really was natural alternatives that, mixed in the correct proportions, provided all our furry friends the relief they deserved, without the nasty chemicals!
Why would you apply potentially dangerous or harmful chemicals to your pet, when there is a safe, natural alternative? Bgone prides itself on only using all natural ingredients, tried and tested over many years to ensure complete satisfaction and results.
Recently Bgone has diversified again, realising that although we all want our pets to be as comfortable as possible, don't we all want that for ourselves too? Our new range of soaps, candle melts and scents are perfect for your home, ensuring that both you and your pet are 100% happy!